Heated car seat covers - enjoy a pleasant warmth in the cold periods of the year. Choose a high quality heated car seat covers INDIVIDUAL AUTO DESIGN.

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Vyhrievané car seat covers - Winter packet

The heated car seat covers are suitable for all types of vehicles.

Comfortable accessory especially for the cold periods of the year.

Thanks to its quality and finish, it fully replaces original seat heating.

We use attested heating intended for automotive production.

The Winter Packet includes:

  • 4 heating panels (2 for the sitting parts and 2 for the backrests - driver as well as passenger)
  • 2 universal switches with two-stage heating - long-lasting warmth of lower intensity (1st stage), fast heating with higher intensity (2nd stage)
  • Relay
  • Individual fuses
  • Cable set with outputs for the heating panels

Where can I install the Winter Packet heating unit ?

  • Under the Individual Auto Design car seat covers
  • Under the original upholstery of cars (when choosing this option it is necessary to deliver the seats to our production facility in Slovakia)

We can install the original heating onto the front and back seats.

Winter Packet control elements can be placed anywhere you want (dashboard, center console, etc.).

The installation is simple because the heating panels are an integral part of the car seat covers.

The Winter Packet includes all the parts necessary for the connection in the vehicle.

Technical specification of the Winter Packet

Winter packet zapájanie
Operational voltage: 12 V
Power I. stage: 44 W
(2 seats)
II. stage: 90 W
(2 seats)
Current consumption: I. stage: 3,6 A
(2 seats)
II. stage: 6,8 A
(2 seats)
Dimensions (L x W) SSeat:
300 x 280 mm
400 x 280 mm

During the manufacturing process of Winter Packet heating unit we strictly follow international standards defined by norm ISO 7637-2:2004.


Seek a qualified professional to connect Winter Packet heated seat covers to the vehicle’s electrical system. INDIVIDUAL AUTO DESIGN staff will not connect Winter Packet to the electrical system in the car when they install it! MAD SR, s.r.o. is not liable for damage caused by improper installation.

Price of Winter Packet

Winter Packet for one seat .... 100€

Winter Packet for two seats ... 150€

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