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Still ongoing boom in the SUV category, is noticeable in all automotive categories.

Just the premium brands introduced the first sports-utility vehicles. From Ingolstadt came first large SUV Q7 which has get a huge number of fans worldwide. The Audi customer group for which was Q7 too big and Allroad too expensive, went to the Bavarian X3. Audi came up with solutions in 2008 and introduced a smaller „Q“.

The first Q5 was the largest from the German premium trio and provided the largest interior space. Design elements referred to other Audi models and connection to the iconic Quattro ensured excellent handling characteristics. With a mild facelift was offered eight years.

The second generation has lost weight.

After successful years of first generation sales, introduced Audi The all new Q5 in 2016. The second Q5 got significantly sharper body shapes, and the exterior and interior design again refers to the larger Q7. A significant change is the loss of weight of around 90 kg. Q5 is sharing The MLB technical platform with A4 and A5. Of course there are the latest Volkswagen Group technology. Audi moved production of Q5 from Ingolstadt to a new factory in Mexico.

A lot of Q5 customers have decided for an individual interior change in our company.

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