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Individual Auto Design has changed the luxury interior of Multivan according to detailed customer expectations.

Utility Volkswagens needs no introduction. These are the reliable vehicles of the German „folk“ maker, and are famous all over the world.

Transporter vans are almost everywhere and their first versions were recently with minor variations in production in the southern parts of America.

The Volkswagen Transporter based on the Volkswagen T platform, todayis in its sixth generation, refers to a range of vans made in the 60’s all over the world.

The T series is considered to be the official automotive platform and the generations are named  as T1, T2, T3, T4, T5 and T6.

This is the best-selling VAN in history with more than 12 million units sold around the world. There are lots of versions including vans, mini-vans, minibuses, pick-ups caravans.

One of the most luxurious mass-produced derivatives is the Multivan. In this case it is not possible to talk about a commercial vehicle because it is a luxury limousine with the latest safety and technological equipment. Itsspacious and flexible interior is equipped with advanced infotainment and chassis provides comfort of luxury limousines.



Clients who search for their practicality and comfortable travel on longer routes often require an individual tailored interior.

Our tailor-made products make Multivan a unique cruise ship:

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Create your own design.

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