Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequent questions asked by our customers and persons interested in the purchase of the INDIVIDUAL AUTO DESIGN car seat covers.

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Where can I find out prices for seat covers?

Prices are available:
- in the e-shop at
- in our Configurator
-From Individual Auto Design sales managers - see: Contacts

Do you have seat covers for my car?

There is a list of all manufacturers and models for which Individual Auto Design seat covers can be ordered in Available car models (designs). When ordering seat covers for your car, we will probably ask you to send an image or photo of your seats for specification purposes.

What are the options for ordering Individual Auto Design seat covers?

An exact summary of all purchasing options and means can be found in How to Purchase Seat Covers?

What is the delivery time?

Seat covers will be delivered to you within 10-15 working days from when specifications for the seats and payment of the deposit are made. All important information regarding transport of the seat covers and payment can be found at Individual Auto Design's e-shop in the Payment terms (third paragraph) and Delivery of goods (fourth paragraph) sections of the "General Terms and Conditions".

How should I clean Individual Auto Design seat covers? Can I wash them?

Individual Auto Design seat covers should never be washed in a washing machine! This could cause permanent damage to the seat covers. Everything about how to maintain and clean our seat covers can be found in Cleaning Seat Covers.

Can I install your seat covers by myself? Is fitting them difficult? Where can I find instructions for installing Individual Auto Design seat covers?

Difficulty and the time it would take vary with each vehicle model because the exact construction of the original upholstery is retained when the style is designed. You can view universal fitting in INSTALLATION. In order to facilitate the installation of Individual Auto Design seat covers, we have produced INSTALLATION VIDEO GUIDES. To access the installation video for your specific car, you need an identification code, which you will receive along with the seat covers pasted on the front side of the packaging.

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