Terms and Conditions

1. Order – Purchase Agreement
• A purchase agreement is made on the basis of electronic orders sent through carseatcover.eu, e-mail or phonecall, and sales of merchandise to a buyer are completed according to the purchase agreement.
• Orders must include the following basic details:
• Company orders:
• Client No. – (only dealers)
• Company name
• Company Address (recorded in the Business Register)
• Company Reg. No., Tax Reg. No., for VAT and operating a businesses
• Responsible person – name and surname
• Product description
• Amount:
• Buyer’s telephone number
• E-mail
• Shipping address
• Photo documentation of the seats
• Individual orders:
• Buyer’s name and address
• Product description
• Amount:
• Buyer’s telephone number
• E-mail
• Shipping address
• Photo documentation of the seats

2. Order Verification
• Dealers verify orders based on the buyer’s order form, confirming the buyer product type and quantity, delivery date, payment method and price. After the confirmation, an order is considered as a binding order between the parties. It´s buyers responsability the correct specification of the order, if the order is sent without a photo documentation.
3. Payment Terms
• Customers are required to pay the purchase price to suppliers properly and on time. Unless otherwise provided, customers pay the purchase price in cash when the merchandise is delivered. Buyers are billed by the suppliers and invoices are sent with the merchandise. In case of an late payment, the supplier is entitled to charge a daily interest fee of 0.05% from the outstanding amount. Merchandise remains the property of the supplier until the full payment received.
• Buyers can choose one of the payment method available on the order form. Transactions are carried out in individual cases as follows:
• Payment in advance via bank transfer (before the merchandise is shipped)
The buyer pays directly to the Individual Auto Design GmbH account the amount from the merchandise price given by the dealer when the order is verified. The identification number is the invoice number electronically sent to you along with the verified order. For example: the identification number for Invoice No. 345/2010 is 3452010.
The merchandise will be send to the buyer within 3 working days after the payment credited to seller´s account.
• Cash on delivery (when merchandise is received)
In the case of advance payment, the dealer will ship the ordered merchandise to the buyer with a courier service within three working days. The buyer pays the agreed difference from the purchase price when the merchandise is received from the courier (cash on delivery).

4. Delivery of Goods
• Goods are delivered by a contracted courier company, GLS Slovakia. Shipping costs are paid by the buyer. The price includes second delivery if the first attempt to deliver the package is unsuccessful. The package can be tracked on the courier company page www.gls-slovakia.sk by using the system’s TRACK TRACE, using the package number, by the next working day after the dispatch. An e-mail with all information about package delivery is sent to the buyer on the shippment date.
• Delivery time for packages sent within Slovakia or to Hungary is 24 hours. Delivery time for packages sent to the Czech Republic is 48 hours.
In the case of any damage to the package, a claim of damage need to be recorded with the courier company after the delivery, indicating the package number, contents and a description of the damage. The buyer has to send the damage report immediately to the following e-mail address: info@carseatcover.eu. Authorised damage claims will be recognized, if the damage report is made on the delivery date.

• CONSUMER CONTRACTS – Section 52 of the Civil Law.

5. Warranty
All our products have 3 years warranty starting on the purchase date. The manufacturer is not liable for damages caused by the incorect installation, failure to comply with instructions for the installation and/or excessive weight.

6. Returns
• Only merchandise purchased from MAD SR can be returned. Merchandise purchased from an authorised dealer can only be returned to the dealer, who the purchase was made from.
• Returned merchandise in used state, must be first cleaned with a moist cloth. A complaint form must be attached to it. – download the Complaint Form here and e-mail it together with a photo documentation to
• RETAILERS: info@carseatcover.eu
For all complaints and returns of incorrectly designed seat covers, or a not matching order form, the buyer need to contact the dealer. To support an incorrect design or design fault (the seat cover’s design does not match the customer’s seats), photos should be taken of the following:
• Original seats without the covers
• Original seats with the seat covers
• Part of the seat cover covered by the complaint – details of the disagreement
• Returned Merchandise must be packed in an appropriate size cardboard box to prevent it from damaging during the shipping.
• There is a 30 days customer rights guarantee from the purchase day.
• Sewing defect
• Disagreement with the original order
• Incorrect specification

Customer rights guarantee during the warranty period won´t be recognized in the following cases:
• A complaint is made after the expired warranty
• Unprofessionall handling
• Damages caused by an excessive load
• Dirty merchandise

7. Returns costs
• By an authorized, endorsed claim, the shipping costs are paid by the seller.
• In the case of an unauthorised claim, all the costs related to the service, will be covered by the customer, unless the parties agree otherwise.
• In the case of a justified complaint, the seller is required to repair the defect or replace the defective product or parts with new ones within 5 days, but no more than 30 days.
• The beginning period for the authorized complaints is the pick up day of the return.

8. Closing Provisions
• The buyer comfirms before sending an order, that he agrees with the seller’s terms and conditions.